Andrey Chezhin was born in Leningrad in 1960. Graduated from the Leningrad institute of cinema engineers (1982). Took up photography. Contributes to: “Mirror” photo club (1985), “TAK” group (1987-1996), “Photopostscriptum” art association (1993), “Free Culture Fellowship” (1996), “International Federation of Artist” (IFA) (1998). Member of the Union of photoartists of Russia (1995). Founder and contributor to the “Autumn Photo Marathon” annual festival (1998-2005). Director of the “PHOTOimage” gallery. Creator and director of the “Museum of drawing-pin”. Works as a free-lance photographer. Author of over 90 solo exhibitions and a participant of more than 180 group exhibitions in Russia and abroad (USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia etc.). His works are in the museums and private collections in the USA, Italy, Poland, Russia.


  • Unpredictability of a photographic process  
  • Conceptuality of photography
  • Self-sufficiency of photographic means of expression


I am an object, “Photopostscriptumplace” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Self portrait in 366 days, L’espace de Saint-Lorent, Saint-Marsellin, France.


Visiting Bulla, “Gallery 21”, St.Petersburg, Russia.


96 photographs, Manezh, The Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Kharmsiada, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Andrey Chezhin, “Teatro” gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Nevsky Baptistery, Aurora Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia.


City-text, “Borey” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
7 platform AXE, International Art Festival at the Baltic House, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Dream. St.Petersburg – Warsaw, “Mala galleria”, Warsaw, Poland.
Dance, ‘Gallery XXI century”, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Kharmsiade & From the Life of Thumb-pins, noname gallery, Rotterdam, Holland.


Yours-mine, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Transparent dreams, “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Russian Lens on Washington. Andrey Chezhin: New Angles, District of Columbia Art Center, Washington DC, USA.
Unreal city, Opened Society Institute, Mansion of Kochubey, St.Petersburg.


St.Petersburg, Escher series, “Anya Tish gallery”, FotoFest, Houston, Texas, USA.
Trace of GULAG, noname gallery, FotoBiennale, Rotterdam, Holland.
Drawing-pin and modernism, “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Touching St.Petersburg, Multihus Tobaksfabrikken, Esbjerg, Danmark.
Capital destruction – rearranging landmarks, Hovedbiblioteket, Esbjerg, Danmark.
Retrospective review 1988-2000, “Galeria Z”, Bratislava, Slovakia.


Drawing-pin and modernism, The Russian State Humanitarian University, Museum “Other Art”, Moscow, Russia.
Postmodernistic Petersburg, The Samara Art Museum, Samara, Russia.
Children’s album, “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
A House of rendezvous, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Lines of a life, “Gallery 103”, St.Petersburg, Russia.
An abstract photography, “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Charmsiade, “Giedre Bartelt Gallery”, Berlin, Germany.
Pripinacek a modernismus, Sllovanska knihovna, Praha, Czechia.
Sobor, “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Chezhin Andrey, “Gomez gallery”, Baltimore, USA.
Geometry of element – element of geometry, gallery “Na Obvodnom”, international business-centre “Neptun”, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Fishes, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Venice, lounge of fine art, restaurant “Palkin”, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Bridge. Street. St.Isaac cathedral. Light., “Delta” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Transformation of vision, noname gallery, Rotterdam, Holland.
City-text, “Artcollegia” gallery, Moscow, Russia.
The forty third, “Astrosoft” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Self portrait in 366 days, Museum of contemporary Russian history, Moscow, Russia.
Drawing-pin and modernism, “Anya Tish Gallery”, Houston, Texas, USA.
Nevsky Baptistery, FotoFest, Vine Street Studios, Houston, Texas, USA.
Hands, the fund of an artist Mikhail Shemyakin, St.Petersburg, Russia.
St.Petersburg, the Language of Water, Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro, Brasilia.
Lobby Exhibition #7. Andrey Chezhin, The World Bank in the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia.


Drawing-pin and modernism, Yaroslavl Museum of Art, Yaroslavl, Russia.
Leningrad – city – hero, “Dmitry Semenov gallery”, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The Space of Escher, Moscow House of Architect, Moscow, Russia.
To be continued, The International information show-center “Info-Space”, Moscow, Russia.
Petersburg art photography made by hand on the silver paper in the fresh gains of centuries, “Ars Magna” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Two Venice (with Liudmila Chezhina), The Museum of Non-conformist art, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Saint Regal Martyrs, The Russian Orthodox fair, Manezh, The Central exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The collection small old cakes of soaps, the studio “Soap”, “Bulthaup” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Drawing-pin and modernism, The Visual Art Gallery, Adirondack Community College, Queensbury, USA.
Meta order (with The Studio of the creative thing), “Gatchina” Museum-reserve, The Prioratsky Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Between one and another, The Studio of beauty “Madam Grand”, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The line of life. Anna Akhmatova, The Museum of Anna Akhmatova in The Fountain House, St.Petersburg, Russia.
4 in 1 (with Dmitry Mishenin), “Ars Magna” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.


Masculine and feminine, “ASAART” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Cross of Prussia / Konigsberg – Kaliningrad / The space of Escher, Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia.
Life and Death of Nicholas II, “ASAART” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The Museum of The drawing-pin / The part I, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The space of Escher, “Da Vinci” gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
The drawing-pin and modernism, Manezh, The Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia.


I love this city, Art Holding Tatiana Nikitina, St.Petersburg, Russia.
The Museum of The drawing-pin / The part II, “Photoimage” gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.


To play the play of the play (with David Plaksin), The Museum of Non-conformist art, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Kharmsiada, “X-MAX” gallery, Ufa, Russia.


«I love this City…», gallery «Sputnik», New York, USA.
«America by eyes», FotoFest, Russian cultural center «Our Texas», Houston, USA.
«Przestrzen Eschera», Piwnica Kany, Szczecin, Poland.
«Swiatlopis», Stara Cerkiew, Szczecin, Poland.


Drawing-pin and modernism, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm.


The State Hermitage, St.Petersburg; the State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg; the National Library of Russia, St.Petersburg; “Gatchina” museum-reserve; Priory Palace, Gatchina; collection of the “Free Culture Fellowship”, St.Petersburg; Moskow museum of modern art, Moskow;  museum of photography collections, Moscow; Mihail Chemiakin Foundation, St.Petersburg; Yaroslavl Museum of Art, Yaroslavl; Moscow House of Architects, Moscow; The Navigator Foundation, Boston, USA; Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, USA; Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida, USA; The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection, The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, USA; Muzeo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy; Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesney Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland; Wiliam Hunt Collection, New York, USA; Palladian Collection, New York, USA; Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA; The Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA; Muzeo d’Arte Contemporanea di Milano, Milano, Italy; The Hechinger Collection, USA; Collection the Royal Bank of Scotland in Houston, USA; The Brandts Musseet for Fotokunst in Odense, Denmark.

Private collections:

Joshua P.Smith, Lucian Perkins, Ursula Herbrand, Paul Zimmer, Michael Peltsman, Manfred Schmmalriede, Henry Mendelssohn Buhl, Finn Thrane, Bleddyn Phillips.